Thursday, 27 May 2010

today's work

what did i do today? I set up some lights for shot 39 and tweaked a bit of ferhan's animation and adding a fall to the end with the addition of the camera. I set this up to render but it seemed to be taking forever, about 3 hours or so for 1 frame so it would be done for the degree show but not for hand in lol ah well. Dan said its because of the textures being too high in resolution which will be turned down in time with the priority at the moment being on the folders and putting what we have rendered into composition and editing A film together even with play blasts. I finished off my animation compilation, bit disappointed at not all of my shots being rendered but i have a few to show which is not all doom and gloom but i do have finished playblasts of every shot and the renders show what the film would look like once finished. I also created the image above for my front cover. Put a couple of render layers together and voila! I still need to put some more images in my folders but the majority is sorted as well as putting some final images on my blog

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