Thursday, 10 December 2009

sniper progress

Heres an update of my progress on the dragunov sniper not looking too bad at the mo but still needs more doing to it as u can see. But its a start on the modelling! more progress updates to come boys

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Started work on the sniper rifle model today. Im basing my model on the Dragunov because i think that the design and shape fits with our film. Im going to exaggerate some features like the scope and silencer and maybe the butt of the gun too and another thing to point out is that the hitman has big hands so ill have to make the handle larger too :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

End of Term report

I feel that the term has been really successful in terms of the progression that we have made as a group. The story took the longest to get right as we changed the story about 5 times to get to what we have acheived. I feel that the work I have produced is to a good standard but I could have done more but pre-production is not my favourite cup of tea but I still got on with what had to be done and I have enjoyed it. I am perfectly happy with my group and I think we work so well together, we all know what we want to achieve and how we are going to get there, its just a matter of doing it now.

Quick overview of my job roles for the new year and my priorities:

- Modelling the interior of the Motel room (target's room) and objects,
- Assisting Dan with modelling the Hitman's room if required,
- General assistant for any additional modelling,
- Modelling the Hitman's objects (weapons, briefcase etc)
- Cars for the outside environment.

- Lead animator,
- Overviewing the group's animation and assissting other members

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pigeon Impossible

addded this video to my reference links. Short animation based on an agent that gets distracted by a pigeon for a bagel. Only thing I want to mention about the film is the brief case design. I really like the way it opens out and so I want my brief case to open out in this sort of way. I really need to get an idea on paper before committing to Maya but ill do that this week and get modelling. Ive drawn out a few sketches for the monitor in the lid of the briefcase and once i know the shapes and layout of his weapons then i can make the rest of the case. I think its best to do the weapons first so that the geometry of the briefcase fits the weapons. I need to look at the assembly of a sniper rifle and ill concentrate on these for now. Plenty to do so im gonna get crack-a-lacking!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A word on the animatic

Not much change from the 1st draft but ive added some shots of the ending and tweaked a few sounds and images throughout. I think its better than the 1st draft and gives a clear understanding of the story and what is going on in the film. Now to just crack on with the modelling, wahey!

Whakc'd Animatic Final...

Monday, 9 November 2009

My jobs

Had a staff meeting today and we were assigned jobs. My jobs are to model the interior for the motel as well as helping out with the interior for the hitman room. Also, the hitman's weapons and cars for the exterior. Need to get cracking now

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

batman arkham asylum

Yet another 0:30 on the Batman arkham asylum link is a crouched movement behind a wall cover which could be useful

more on uncharted 2

Another good pose that I've found from this is at 4:15. Slightly different from the other one but just as nice. I've also added the Halo 3 trailer for the shot of Master Chief running at 0:46 The camera position is mint and it could work really well for our character running across the street from the look-out to the motel

uncharted 2 reference

Currently working on a test animation of the moom character shooting from a window. Its a little test to try out the motion of coming from behind cover to shooting position. I've been looking at references to get the motion right. In the side column Ive added an Uncharted 2 gameplay video from youtube to help with this and the position that is worth mentioning is at 4:01 as the character is leaning up against the wall. Will look at more references too for other parts of animation

Monday, 2 November 2009

weapon research

Spent this afternoon looking up a variety of weapon styles. I've taken my images from Team Fortress 2, Perfect Dark, Call of Duty and Halo. I like little bits of each on most of the weapons so ill sketch a few designs of my own taking parts from each weapon and then have a go at modelling one in maya

Friday, 30 October 2009

ninja leader painted concept

Spent a bit of today painting up a concept of the ninja leader i drew. I like it its simple colours and effective. Not bad for an hours work i reckon

animatic part 2

Animatic part 2

animatic part one

Here it is! the first part to the animatic is up on blogger at last! needs more work to it but its a start. I reckon more moving parts on some shots like when hes looking down the scope but its a start

Thursday, 29 October 2009

ninja leader concept

Thought as an alternative and more for the ending, there could be a leader for the ninjas that stands at the front. With the twist that he is really small and a bit podgy. Similar to the hight of a child but an adult.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

SHAZAM!! ninja concept

I am actually pretty proud with this concept sheet. I feel that every sketch is to a very good standard for myself and Its my highlight for the day. Took me about and hour or so to do the whole sheet and another piece for my collection. Maybe we can use some of the design in the final film, which i hope but we shall see. Still a long way to go. I chose some specific poses for the sheet starting with the middle sketch first and then the large image to the right. I then included the other poses to fit the space left on the sheet and I think it looks very striking and ubber awesome. Well done me!! XD

target concept

A little bare at the moment but ill add some more facial expressions with time and another sketch i can add to my pre-production folder. Whether it fits in with the overall film i dont know but another idea that can be played with

car concepts

Couple of car concepts. I particularly like the ice cream van at the top left and may attempt a little cheeky model of this. I've started a basic shape for it in Maya and will continue on it with time

textured car

Finished off the first textures for the car today, Its only very very basic and not good at all and a little rushed but thats only because its a trial texture and not a final thing. Obviously if we chose to include the car in the final film then I would go back and re-texture the whole thing but this will do for now as a concept for a car :)

motel mock up

Decided to take it a step further and put some details onto a shape. Its only a rough little concept which i dont think is particularly amazing but its still an idea to work with and improve. I borrowed Dan's idea for the steps at the side as i think its a nice touch

motel shape ideas

Couple of quick and simple shape designs for the motel. The one that stands out most to me is the top left concept. I think it is a striking shape and the beige coloured shape next to it represents the petrol station.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

forgot this

Forgot to mention i also created a 'teaser' poster for the film. I chose not to include the film title so people will think 'hmm what's this?' so maybe itll work or not i dont know. the other guys created one with the title in it so i thought this would be different. I also chose to include glasses to leave the identity of the hitman a mystery and the off target on the guy is the image of him shooting at the target but missing him, which is the emphasis of the film

formative on monday..

Ok news of a formative on monday :S a little self assessment of work done:

3D model concept for a car as well as a little texture
Beginning of the animatic,
Motel designs
Motel sign designs
Hitman concepts

Need to do:

More rough concepts for the target and ninja as well as more for hitman
Finish texturing the car
Finish animatic
maybe a couple more building designs
Print stuff out for the board

Sounds like a fun weekend for me :)


just an update on the animatic...

been working on it all day and so far have just under a minute. Still need to work out timing but im getting the essential sounds in first before faffing about with timing. It may need some more frames and shots but well see how it goes. Im pretty happy with it so far and its very rough. Ill work on it between now and monday for the formative to get what i can done and hopefully a complete animatic, even if its rough, but to a decent standard for the group

Some concepts for the Hitman

After working on the animatic for the majority of today, my laptop decided to heat up real quick all of a sudden and made premiere laggy so i thought I'd call it a day with the animatic (which is coming along well btw) and draw up some concepts for the hitman to add to my pre-production folder. Although the character is decided, although not finalised, I thought I'd add some of 'me' to the designs. They probably wont be taken further than just quick sketches but it builds up some of my concept input as well as the car and some environment designs. I really like the image at the top. The half drawn guy was completely from my head and not thinking where to put a line next and it looks quite impressive on the page

Monday, 19 October 2009

1st texture

Its taken a while to get there but heres the first glimps at a texture. Its not quite finished yet as you can see from the grey parts. Just thought I'd add a cheeky stripe in there too. I've already learnt one or two things from doing this UV map

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


been spending today texturing the car. Its my first real attempt at UV texturing and painting so its taking a bit of time but hopefully itll be done soon enough. Gonna work up some concepts too to give the group as many visual ideas as possible for when we have a meeting to draw up a final concept of the enviornment.

Fun Stuff!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


First look at the nearly finished car. Still need to add a number plate and the interior but its almost there. I think the model is good, few pointers though. there's alot of faces! hehe so well have to see how it goes with that but other than that im happy with it. I've never modelled a car before and its not bad for my 1st attempt. Gonna do some colour sheets of different styles and after that, model another car to compare them both as they will obviously be modelled differently

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

quick update

the last few days have been spent discussing the story for our film. We are concentrating on the ending as a starting point and then working backwards to fill in the gaps. Weve decided on an ending that involves an explosion which i think will look stunning. It will take a lot of work but its not impossible. In the next few days we will be finalising our narrative after which we can get down to some solid concepts and test modells/riggs/animations.

In the mean time I've been working on a prototype car for the film. Its coming along quite well and I have shown it to the team members and they were quite impressed. Since then Ive done more to it and just need to finish it off and add some textures. So far so good with them team and cant wait til the film really gets going.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

first blood

After talking with Sam and Dan on the idea for the Hitman film I was motivated to take part. Yesterday was spent sorting out group members and we began to come up with ideas for a narrative and what to include. Today was spent brainstorming Gag ideas for the film and a general idea for a production timeline. Its sounding pretty awesome so far for what we have and the gag ideas and two possible endings. We aim to have a solid storyboard by the end of next week so we can start modelling and production soonish.