Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pigeon Impossible

addded this video to my reference links. Short animation based on an agent that gets distracted by a pigeon for a bagel. Only thing I want to mention about the film is the brief case design. I really like the way it opens out and so I want my brief case to open out in this sort of way. I really need to get an idea on paper before committing to Maya but ill do that this week and get modelling. Ive drawn out a few sketches for the monitor in the lid of the briefcase and once i know the shapes and layout of his weapons then i can make the rest of the case. I think its best to do the weapons first so that the geometry of the briefcase fits the weapons. I need to look at the assembly of a sniper rifle and ill concentrate on these for now. Plenty to do so im gonna get crack-a-lacking!!

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